Phil Henson

Social Investor Founder Phil Henson has paved the way to create the solutions for companies can depend on to grow.

For the past 5 years he has been committed to mastering the art of Sales, Finance & Social Media Marketing throughout. By studying the industry in how it moves, grows & thrives Phil has adapted to how it has evolved to a much more social approach via platforms such as Facebook, IG, Youtube and Twitter. Particularly in the last 18 months, Phil, has been working with Social Media Experts to develop the techniques, marketing funnels & strategies to build out the predictable & proven practices to become a reigning leader in the social media marketing industry.

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Omar Hassam

Omar loves to support influencers in developing the right message and concept to drive profitability and monetize an audience. Through his proprietary business building D.N.A.® approach he helps influencers to identify their unique message in a crowded market and together with Phil launch a profitable offer to their audiences to drive revenue. Omar is an international traveler and in his free time loves to salsa dance, sing R&B and works on his custom clothing line. To learn more about his business building philosophy visit Success Accelerators.